1. Goorin Bros. Yaletown Vancouver
    Mongo Santamaria, wide brim straw fedora in coral inspired by the tropics of Cuba.
    Habana, pork pie fedora hat inspired by the vivacious Havana lifestyle.
    John Ross Thomas, teardrop crown straw fedora. Features a satin pleated hat band in chic watercolor-infused print, ostrich feather, hat and derby pin.

    The fedora is your go-to look for summer

    Last week, I was invited to an evening of Latino energy and those famous cocktails - a mojito anyone? - at Goorin Bros. in Yaletown Vancouver for their Havana Nights celebration, where they introduced their new vivacious fedora hats from their Cuba Libre collection for men, women and children.

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  2. H & M teams up with Alexander Wang

    Last weekend, H & M announced that their next design collaboration will be with Alexander Wang creative director of Balenciaga, the first American designer they have partner with which will include both men’s and women’s clothing collections, as well as his famed accessories.

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  3. Christopher Bates Riviera Wool & Terylene Blend Blazer, Wall Street Dress Shirt and Phantom Cotton Trousers.
    Italian Merino Wool 2-Tone Sweater, Wall Street Dress Shirt and Navy Linen Trousers by Christopher Bates.
    Christopher Bates Romeo Dress Shirt, Italian Caviar Leather Belt with Navy Linen Trousers.
    Milano Short Sleeve Dress Shirt and Ticking Stripe Denim Shorts, all from Christopher Bates.

    Christopher Bates: The right stuff

    Christopher Bates spring summer 2014

    It’s never easy for any fashion designer, as your only as good as your last collection. It takes talent, tenacity and an unique business savvy to succeed and after interviewing Christopher Bates for his launch at Holt Renfrew Vancouver, I can tell you that he has right stuff to create a successful menswear brand.

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  4. Gianfranco Ferre advert, Fall Winter 1991. Copyright Gianpaolobarbieri
    Fashion Show in Sala Bianca Pitti Palace florence, 1955. Photo: G.M. Fadigati, copyright Giorgini Archive, Florence.
    Valentino posing with models nearby Trevi fountain, Rome, July 1967 Photo courtesy of the Art Archive / Mondadori Portfolio / Marisa Rastellini

    The glamour of Italian fashion

    The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London opened last weekend traces the history of Italian fashion from the post-war period to current day, a time during which ‘Made in Italy’ became the gold standard of style.

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  5. Christopher Bates launch at Holt Renfrew Vancouver

    Born in Burnaby BC, trained in Milan and for 2012 the only menswear designer in the Mercedes Benz Startup Program and awarded with a sponsored show at World Mastercard Fashion Week Toronto, Christopher Bates return home yesterday to launch his spring summer menswear line at Holt Renfrew Vancouver.

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  6. Vancouver Fashion Week: Noe Bernacelli brings us European glamour

    Vancouver Fashion Week closed last Monday evening with European style glamour by Noe Berancelli and when all the fashion models at the post show press conference tell you “they don’t want to take it off,” you know that this designer is all about haute couture.

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  7. Vancouver Fashion Week: Sexy body jewelry by Garde del Avante 

    Hand-crafted body jewelry by designer Naanafya of Garde del Avante captured our attention at Vancouver Fashion Week with an incredible collection of gold and pewter pieces that redefines the luxury costume jewelry marketplace.

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  8. Emerging fashion designer Mario Young brings a luxury masculine menswear to Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: Superhero fashion by Mario Young

    Launching his first collection at Vancouver Fashion Week was Mario Young who’s luxury menswear collection was masculine with a strong emphasis on broad shoulders and toned muscles, something a superhero would wear on weekends when not saving the world.

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  9. Fit for a goddess, Jose Zafra with his fall winter creations at Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: Overflowing sensuality of Jose Zafra

    Inspired by Amantani Island on Titicaca Lake Peru, Jose Zafra presented his fall winter collection at Vancouver Fashion Week for a women who desires overflowing sensuality, elegance and mystic.

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  10. Creative director Dharamvir Singh of Wellgroomed Designs at Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: Indo-fusion bridal wear

    What makes Vancouver Fashion Week so spectacular is that we are given a taste of fashions from around the world and last Friday evening did not disappoint as Wellgroomed Designs of Surrey BC gave use a dazzling show of indo-fusion wedding gowns.

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  11. Fashion designer Pierre Renaux futuristic fashions on display at Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: 3D printer heels by Pierre Renaux

    Born in France and a graduate of Antwrep’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Pierre Renaux showcased a very futuristic collection at Vancouver Fashion Week with perhaps the first ever 3D printed stiletto heels.

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  12. Vancouver Fashion Week: Daring is part of the new male identity

    Colombian fashion designer David Alfonso believes that daring is now part of the male identity and he certainly delivered that look with his autumn winter collection label Eriko at Vancouver Fashion Week last Sunday evening.

    Photos: Edward Quan

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  13. Nadia + Zehra at Vancouver Fashion Week.
    Nadia + Zehra at Vancouver Fashion Week.
    Nadia + Zehra at Vancouver Fashion Week.
    Nadia + Zehra at Vancouver Fashion Week.
    London base fashion designers Nadia + Zehra at Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: Cartoon art fashions by Nadia + Zehra

    The quirky colorful fun cartoon art fashions by Nadia + Zehra of London at Vancouver Fashion Week on Saturday evening was like nothing I have ever seen before, picture the Teletubbles about to go over the edge, perhaps on a bad combination of drugs and alcohol.

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  14. Argentina fashion designer Gabriel Lage at Vancouver Fashion Week.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: Magnificent gowns by Gabriel Lage

    For Gabriel Lage, its all about making women beautiful.

    From the Argentina Capital of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Lage showcased a magnificent collection of evening gowns at Vancouver Fashion Week last Tuesday evening.

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  15. Sonya Jang found her inspiration primarily from container homes and classical painting.
    Yicheng Chen views fashion as art which is why he choose to find his inspiration in the works of architectural works of Frank Gehry.
    Rachel Lui’s designs area an apparent reflection of the famous modern architect Santiago Calatrava.
    Jasper Annerstedlt found his inspiration from the norther parts of Sweden featured a futuristic, minimalistic collection with a muted color pallet and graphic prints.

    Vancouver Fashion Week: LaSalle College rocks runway

    Four of LaSalle College Vancouver top fashion design students rocked the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week Wednesday evening featured their designs with a theme of ‘modern architecture’, drawing solid applause from the fashion community.

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